Don’t Freeze up!

Yes, it is frigid out.  We’ve been having a few 12-degree nights in New York!


The cold weather is not only an obstacle to certain mechanical objects, it’s also a mood killer for people.


How does the icy cold weather take down your energy level?  Do you freeze up and slow down?  Fess up. It happens to everyone..  


Wouldn’t you prefer to be someone who is so focused and energized on a winning game plan that nothing, not even a blizzard, gets in the way of your best productivity, innovation and leadership?


Here are my three hot tips for staying at the top of your game this winter:


  1. Keep your eye on your goals and that prize you desire. What lifestyle change are you excited about? An exciting ski vacation at an upscale lodge with a giant fireplace? A new addition to your home with a heated swimming pool? A month off sailing in the Virgin Islands?  Go for it!


  1. Have a commitment to a purpose that’s as reliable as the sun. Even on a cloudy day, we know that the sun is always there. Nothing is more heartwarming and inspiring to millenials and baby boomers alike than a leader with a passion for a cause that makes a difference.


  1. Don’t let icicles form. Keep communication flowing with your team. Like the water in a river, your initiatives will keep moving even  when the lakes and ponds freeze over.


How about you? How will you keep the fires burning this season?  Let me know if we can help or if you’d like to share exciting news.

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