Year-End Advantage


“The job market is dead”

“No one’s hiring”

“Everyone’s away on vacation”

Do these sound familiar?

This is what a lot of job seekers say during the last two weeks of the year. Holidays may seem to be a bad time to look for work as things slow down, making the usual job search challenge seem twice as difficult.

Consider this – the companies that do have hiring managers still searching to get key talent in place before the beginning of the year are committed, even desperate, to find good people before the ball drops in Times Square. Even if there are fewer companies hiring, active interviewers are hungrier than at other times in the year.  So, stay in the game.

In addition, the fact that many other job seekers will be “sitting this one out” gives you as a candidate less competition and a significant advantage. So, YOU stand out!

Keep going. Nurture yourself and keep your energy high. Get excited about new job prospects. At the very least, connect personally to build relationships with people in your network and possible professionals at the companies you would like to work at. This approach will boost your prospects and get you closer to being the ONE – the ABSOLUTE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE JOB YOU LOVE.


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