Overcoming Overwhelm

Listen to this concern from a client on my Being The One workshop about landing your dream job. She says, “I feel overwhelmed with not taking advantage of all the [career] opportunities from the people I meet.”


Who can’t relate to that? She wants to follow so many leads, but in her overwhelm, she takes advantage of too few.  She had been shutting down.


Together we figured out that resolving the overwhelm in her head isn’t going to work. You can either spend the time arguing with yourself about what action to take or you can take the next action. Try different things. Explore!  Experiment. Take notes on what goes nowhere and what works that you will build on.


I suggest baby steps. It’s easy to send a LinkedIn invitation to everyone who has given you a business card. Better still, Sort out the top ten opportunities for the week. Take advantage of one or two  contacts a day or two a week.


So what about you? What is the action you will take? How many contacts will you make it your business to select and contact next week, between now and Friday. Stay committed to that number.

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